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SDR Radio equipment – It is time for a cool Christmas gift

A smart Xmas gift? SDR radio Equipment!

Jingle waves, jingle waves, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to not get socks this Holiday! Your children get the cutest vampire barbies, the latest Star Wars figures, and all the flying, beeping gadgets they asked for. Your wife is happy with her new shinny earrings because her friends and colleagues will be green with envy after Christmas. But what about you? Socks and ties again? No!

This Xmas should be different! Play safe and shop smart. Forget the huge watches and drones. You need something cool. What about an SDR Radio Equipment?

Top 3 ideas if you are interested in Ham Radio:

Beginner level – It is a beginning of a beautiful friendship with the waves. Check and buy Get on the Air with Hf digital Guide to know all what you need for becoming a Ham Radio.


Advanced level – Somebody dreaming of white Christmas. Who cares about snow? All you need is a really good HF antenna, get it here.


Black belt Ham Radio fan level – Would you like to develop your Ham Radio station? Why don’t you enter the 21th century with an SDR platform like Quadrus SDR!


Have you ever heard about Black Friday? It is the day when the Christmas Shopping Season (your wife’s/girlfriends kind of madness) begins in the USA. In the last couple years, this day became known globally, so these days most everyone can make good bargains in November.

Our special offer Quadrus SDR Christmas Pack is available this Christmas only, from November 25th to December 14th.

The offer includes:

  • A DRU-244A card, which can be found in our webshop
  • 3 hours of VIP customer support from one of our seniors consultants – only available in this offer
  • Free shipping to anywhere on the globe

Hurry up, because the stock is limited, and if you order until December 6th, you are also getting a bonus:


So, do you want the socks again? Or something really smart?