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Must have SDR books – part 2

Going digital? An essential SDR book to start

This week I heard that the average age is around 60-70 years on Ham radio events. Isn’t it funny? Well, in most cases Ham radio is something grandpa does in his garage, but I hope that will change. Why? Because Ham radio is a smart hobby, and you have to be smart to make it work. Especially in the digital age with Software-Defined Radios (SDR) like QuadrusSDR. That is the real challenge, not the shinny, beeping gadgets that can not survive a day without charging, and are absolutely deadwood without internet connection. If you don’t have a grandpa at home with Ham radio knowledge, or you are a grandpa who would like to go digital, you should have the following books in your SDR book library.

Get on the air with HF digital

This book is published by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), which is the national association for amateur radio enthusiasts in the US. Today, with more than 161,000 members, ARRL is the largest organization of radio amateurs in the world. The author – Steve Ford WB8IMY – gives clear, often step-by-step instructions on how to go about setting up an HF digital station – everything from attaching cables to configuring software. Even though software changes over time, the instructions provided in this book are likely to apply across several software versions.


The text includes instructions for configuring software programs for popular modes such as RTTY, PSK31, and JT65. You’ll also learn about other digital communication modes such as MFSK, Olivia, and PACTOR. We have already posted on some of these in connection with QuadrusSDR:

Get On the Air With HF Digital emphasizes the hands-on approach. The goal is to give you all the advice you need to take to the airwaves as quickly and easily as possible.

If you feel the superpower to develop your SDR knowledge check the next step book in this post.

While waiting for Amazon to deliver your book, read my previous post where you can find some additional info and nice pictures of my first Ham radio equipment (from my age of 17).

And if you feel stuck mastering in the ways of the Ham radio, ask us on our FB page or below this post, and we will try to help you progress.