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Stay tuned with SDR, the wireless revolution is just the beginning

Are you up to date in SDR literary? Let us help you with some recommendation of new or not enough well known book of this topic. This is the first part of our new series.

In the middle of September 2015 one of UK’s leading technical campuses University of Strathclyde Glasgow published a pretty good book about SDR device usage.


SDR using MATLAB & Simulink and the RTL-SDR

In this book they introduce readers to SDR methods by viewing and analyzing down converted RF signals in the time and frequency domains, and then provide extensive DSP enabled SDR design exercises which the reader can learn from.

The hands-on SDR design examples begin with simple AM and FM receivers, and move on to the more challenging aspects of PHY layer DSP, where receive filter chains, real-time channelisers, and advanced concepts such as carrier synchronisers, digital PLL designs and QPSK timing and phase synchronisers are implemented.

In the book they will also show how the RTL-SDR can be used with Software Design transmitters to develop complete communication systems, capable of transmitting payloads such as simple text strings, images and audio across the lab desktop.

Quadrus SDR with MATLAB & Simulink

The text book examples are based on the well known RTL SDR hw, however for high performance HF receiver implementation the DRU-244A based Quadrus SDR platform provide better performance.
One of the way how you cam connect the Quadrus SDR to Matlab or LabVIEW or other signal processing software package is using standard windows based .wav files.
We used this method too for proving the performance of synchronized multi-channel receiver capability as you can find it in the following post in the Quadrus SDR Blog:

In the post you can find the download link for the Matlab script for reading the .wav files generated by the SRM-3000 receiver software of the Quadrus SDR platform.

Would you like to buy it now? If you don’t find an available copy on Amazon, try this source.

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