Multi channel SDR receiver in a single PC

While the DRU platform offers up to 16 channels to be addressed via a single DRU card, there may be applications, which need further channels. When building a multi channel SDR receiver system, users would like to avoid using multiple PCs – to keep costs down and simplify signal processing.

We have tested a setup consisting of 2 DRU cards in a single PC, and using the SRM platform: according to our expectations, everything went well – the software instances recognized the cards without any issues. The attached screenshot shows the cards under different physical addresses and device IDs.

2DRUs in one system dev9-dev4

This enables the user to build a system using our DRU platform that is able to listen to up to 80 channels in a single PC. Of course, for that you’ll need an appropriate motherboard, such as the ASUS P8B-C/4L, but for 48 channels you may find commonplace commercial solutions, such as the MSI H81-P33 or the ASUS H81-PLUS, to work as well.

Happy listening 🙂

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